Easy Peasy Lemon Cheesy-cake!

Having seen the sun streaming through the window this morning. I decided to make my Easy Peasy Lemon Cheesy-cake. It’s a firm favourite in our house. Jess loves to help me make this and eat it.

After lining my tin, I start by crushing my biscuits (always good for taking outĀ frustrations on).

Mix with the butter and press into the tin well, pop it into the fridge.

Biscuit base





In a bowl pour in the condensed milk and the cream, give it a little stir.

Add the zest and lemon juice, and the clever bit happens now, the lemon juice curdles the cream mixture. Give it a very good mix.

Adding the lemon

Watch the magic

look at the difference







Pour itĀ onto the base, smooth it out and leave it to set properly in the fridge.

Smooth the mix

After about an hour you can cut it and eat!


You can find the ingredient list on the recipe page.