Half Term Holiday

During the half term school holiday we spent a lot of time at various museums in Derby.

Derby museums are great in the school holidays as they always have loads of things to do in the different museums throughout the city.

This week we have been to see field mice and lizards at the main museum in town And completed fun trails around which make you look at the usual things differently. We went to the Silk Mill museum where Jess made a homemade hex bug from the bristle end of a toothbrush!

We also visited our favourite museum in Derby – Pickford’s House. image

Jess loves going here. And to be honest I do too!! We spent ages doing the trail and I have to say that it was hard.

But it was great looking around again and actually learning a bit more about how the Pickford’s lived. I love how Jess wants to learn about all the places we visit, it makes me have to use my brain too!

Jess at Pickford's House

After Pickford’s House we popped over the road to see the heads. Yes, I said heads. They’ve been there for years. I remember showing my nieces these when they were little and they are adults now. Jess was intrigued but I don’t know much about these so I couldn’t tell her anything.


See you soon!!