Don’t Turn Around by Caroline Mitchell


I have connected with the wonderful world of Bookouture and I have started to review books for them (hopefully regularly!)

For the people that don’t know me I’m a massive book worm. And I really didn’t think I’d like reading them as ebooks. Now I don’t know what I’d do without them.

“Don’t turn around” by Caroline Mitchell is a paranormal thriller and it kept me hooked from the first page to the last! And I can’t wait for her next book! So please write it quickly.

Excerpt from this marvellous book:

Jennifer Knight would not have walked home alone had she known the eyes of a serial killer were upon her. He retreated into the shadows as she strode down the moonlit path, her slender legs accentuated by five-inch heels. He licked his lips, stoked by his heavy breath. Jennifer’s footsteps grew louder as she approached, and his gloved fingers gripped the handle of the jagged hunting knife. He could almost hear her heartbeat accelerate as the weight of his stare bore down on her. The smell of her perfume reached his senses and he inhaled her fragrance. Turn around pretty girl, come see what I have for you, he thought, intoxicated by her presence. He watched as the young woman paused to fiddle in her bag. It brought forth the jangle of keys, and she quickened her pace.
Immeasurable boundaries were crossed to find her, to make good the sweet promise he had made. The others were irrelevant, and served only to whet his appetite for what lay ahead. His lips drew back in a sneer. Soon he would be able to touch her, to feel the warmth of her blood. And when the time came, no one would stop him.

Thanks for looking!

You can buy it here

*This book was provided free for review purposes*


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