How sweet it is…..

Sweeties sweeties everywhere and none of them for me (well maybe a few lol!)

I love old fashioned sweets. Buying them by the quarter at the shop up the road and eating them on the way home. So when I find a sweet shop that sells these kinds of goodies I get excited. In fact we used to go to Matlock Bath or Rowsley to get them.

But now I’ve found a shop called “The Treat Kitchen” in Nottingham that sell gorgeous sweets and they sell them online! Now I don’t have to leave my seat to buy some, I just need some patience as I wait for them to be delivered.

Foam bananas, fizzy cola bottles, jelly beans (36 flavours) and rock are just a few of the treats available. For my vegetarian friends the jelly beans are gelatine free as well as gluten, lactose and fat free.

I havent managed to eat much of the sweets I was sent as a certain young lady decided they should be eaten pretty quickly. I did however manage to try the cranberry and apple jelly beans which are like little taste explosions in your mouth. I may have smuggled a few bits of the rock away from the locusts. Which I was surprised about how nice it was, I honestly thought all rock tastes like the awful stuff from the seaside. But not this rock.


Sweetie mix

I’ve been asked to share that you can try these too with 10% off in their online shop using the code MFB10.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to see if she’s found my sweetie hiding place…