School holiday baking part 1

Today we had to wait in for my beautiful HUGE new bed to be delivered. Jess was harassing me, which is totally normal during school holidays, to “do” something.

We said to her Grandad yesterday that we would make some honeycomb for him. So out came the biggest pan I could find and I spent ages finding a recipe that seemed to make sense – I had looked through a few and I don’t want to know what other people are doing when they make it, I want a tried and tested recipe. I found one, yay, and apart from a little freaking out when it started to puff up when the bicarbonate of soda was added it looks as it should do. 


375g caster sugar

225g golden syrup

125ml water

15g bicarbonate of soda

The largest pan you have!

• Prepare your baking tray with a double layer of greaseproof paper, lightly oiled

• In your saucepan put the water, sugar and syrup in and gently heat until you the sugar has dissolved

• When this has dissolved, turn up the heat until you have a good boil going. Then if, like me, you don’t have a sugar thermometer, set a timer for 10 minutes. This allows for a gorgeous caramel colour.

• Remove from the heat and quickly whisk the bicarb in. It will fizz up and you will think it’s going to go over the edge. It shouldn’t (which is why you need a large pan!)

• Pour onto the tray you prepared and leave it to set. 

• Break it into pieces

Tips- if you are a fiddler take the spoon out when the mix starts to boil. I will be covering mine in melted chocolate when it’s finished.


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