Switchblade review

Jess was given the opportunity to write a review of Airhogs Switchblade. Which she was uber excited about until it came to the actual writing bit! so you will to make do with mine. Sooooo……

This little beauty arrived a while ago and I managed to get Jess to wait while it charged up for its first flight. I have to say that it was a total delight that you can charge this via a phone charger cable. I have found with other helicopters and cars we’ve had, that charging them from the batteries in the handset makes it costly.

I haven’t got any photos of it flying as I was busy trying to avoid being hit by it. which she obviously found hilarious! However it flysheet smoothly and we were able to get it to change directions. 

This has proved to be a popular addition to our multitude of remote control objects.

I can highly recommend the Airhogs Switchblade for anyone’s Christmas list. 


Barb x