Easy Vegan Pineapple Cake

I decided to have a clear out of my cupboards today and found three tins of crushed pineapple! I don’t have any idea why I’ve got these three tins but I’m not one for waste. 

A quick Google later and I found a easy recipe that only uses 3 ingredients. And I have made a vegan cake! I love that this recipe doesn’t use eggs as I’m always forgetting to buy them. 

Easy peasy quick cake. And a recipe I can share with my newly vegan sister.

3 Ingredient Pineapple Cake

2 cups of self raising flour

1 cup of sugar

1 450g tin of crushed pineapple

  • Mix the dry ingredients together
  • Add the pineapple – don’t drain it!
  • Give it a good mix until it’s all blended well
  • Pop the mix into a ring tin that has been greased well (I used oil spray as it’s quick and easy – also not butter!)

  • Bake for 35 minutes until golden and a skewer comes out clean
  • Ta-da!!! Vegan cake. 
  • I made a simple syrup from orange juice and zest with sugar, which I boiled for around 1 minute and left to cool and thicken. Once thickened I poured it over the top.

Eat it the same day as it’s better fresh. 
Thanks for reading!!