About the Crafty Caker

Hi! My name is Barbara and I am the Crafty Caker and as the name says I love baking (and eating) cake. I also like to try my hand at different craft ideas. I love Christmas so I will be talking about it throughout the year and the different crafting and baking I am planning.

I like to try to visit different places and will be trying to take some inspiration from those places in the things I will be doing.

Hmmm a little bit about me…..  I have one daughter, Jess and a dog called Daisy. Some of my favourite things to do are baking (obviously), reading and crafting. Along with those things I really like walking my doggie, preferably somewhere I can spend some time enjoying nature.

For my day job I work in the NHS as admin and I really enjoy it, but my family is the best thing in my life.

I have lived in Derby for 30 years, just saying that makes me feel very old! Before that I lived in South Africa.





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